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By Alex Hunter

Following the murder of a young investigative journalist in France, Luc Hansen, an ex-Legionnaire now working for the elite but shadowy DER, the European Union’s security and intelligence directorate, uncovers a massive fraud within the European Commission in Brussels. But his investigation is endangered and the life of his partner, Joanna Donnelly, threatened by the existence of a ‘mole’ high inside the DER itself.

As he tracks the money flow from Brussels through London to Prague, he discovers it is being used to send guns to the Sunni militias fighting the US forces in Iraq and to the Kurdish separatists. Still unable to prove exactly who is involved, Luc travels to Iraq where the militia captures him. In a daring escape, he makes his way north to the Kurdish area in the Zagros Mountains and assists them in destroying the power of the militia in the area.

Back in Belgium, Luc embarks on a new strategy to force his opponents into the open in a desperate race to close down the arms route and arrest those involved. Luc and his team find themselves in extreme danger culminating in a fierce gun battle deep in the Belgian countryside, the outcome of which hangs in the balance.

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Praise for SHADOWS

SHADOWS is a real page-turner as its taut style, rapid pace and gradual heightening of tension keeps the reader wanting to discover - ‘What next?’ The characters develop with the same controlled economy of language and the combination of an ingenious plot and believable characters makes this a thoroughly good read. I would hope to meet Luc and Joanna again!
GH Belgium

Read the book on the plane. Great read! Makes you wonder how some books get on to the bestseller list when they are total rubbish. Keep pushing the publicity - the book is definitely worth it. Well done ‘Mr Hunter’!
FC Belgium

I’ve just finished a bloody good book. Started last night and couldn’t put it down. Must be a bestseller!
GM England

I really did enjoy SHADOWS and look forward to the next one.
DW Belgium

SHADOWS ‘gets one in’ right from the prologue, and seemingly effortlessly keeps the reader turning the pages to find out what happens next. Fast paced, like the world that unfolds in the story, the characters are real and the plot just a little too believable. As I was reading, I actually asked myself - has Alex Hunter strayed too near the truth!
It has been more challenging than expected to write a comment on this new book by Alex Hunter, as I have had to wait for my husband to put it down long enough for me to actually read it myself!
HM Hong Kong

Here’s a classic secret-agent thriller with all the blood, sex, pizzazz of a modern James Bond – and an even stranger twist that can be revealed right here…The setting for much of the action and suspense is Brussels!
By way of a bloody pursuit and exposé of fraud and gun running, SHADOWS, the first novel from Alex Hunter, explodes the widely held prejudice by outsiders that this city is boring! What’s more, Luc Hansen, the ex-French Légionnaire hero, is a type of violent-action detective with a secret crime-investigation department for the leviathan that is the European Commission! Another myth blown!
On the gorily enthralling evidence of SHADOWS, Luc Hansen seems set for more excitingly dangerous adventures at the heart of the European Union!
PF Brussels


Format: eBook (Mobipocket/Kindle, ePub, pdf)
Pages: 264
ISBN: 978-2-930583-03-7, 978-2-930583-04-4, 978-2-930583-05-1

Publication: February 2010

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Added 17/02/2010

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