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Retribution - eBook
By Alex Hunter

No one saw who threw the fire-bomb. It arched over the crowd, hit the lights on the top of the police car, broke and sent burning fuel over the vehicle. A deep collective sigh went up from those at the front of the crowd, but no one moved as the police driver and his partner scrambled to safety.

In the oppressive heat of summer, Luc Hansen, a senior agent in the European Union's security and intelligence directorate, uncovers a covert CIA operation in which a neo-con group of ageing Americans are fomenting ethnic unrest in Europe and are willing to use Predator drones and nerve gas against Syrian civilians in an attempt to force their Iranian nemesis to Europe so that they can kill him. In a shadowy world in which different versions of the truth exist, all communications are compromised and no one is quite who they seem, Hansen has to use all his skills just to stay alive.



The cover is stunning and demanded to be read - I had to tear myself away or nothing planned for today would have got done.                    
RH Dublin

Just finished reading RETRIBUTION. What a brilliant read. Thank you
GM Hampshire

I read RETRIBUTION in a couple of days, staying up late, continually seeking to finish chapters to find out what happens next. Well done! Overall, it's a wonderful read, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
RS Hong Kong

I have to say that despite the fact that I had my hyper critical hat on, my tendency to try and spot inconsistencies didn't get in the way of enjoying the story. A page turner despite the distraction!
IM Lancashire

RETRIBUTION, the new Luc Hansen thriller, is a real page-turner. Alex Hunter is on top form.
FP Madrid

Has Alex Hunter strayed too near the truth with this one … some novelists understand what is happening and the world comes to resemble their fiction.
AW United States

Format: eBook (Mobipocket/Kindle, ePub, pdf)
Pages: 264
ISBN: 978-2-930583-38-9, 978-2-930583-37-2, 978-2-930583-36-5

Publication: February 2014

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Added 05/02/2014

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