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 As a publisher, we are always looking for new authors and new publishing projects.
We specialise in fiction, particularly thrillers, and non-fiction that covers business, management and history, including academic research.
But before rushing ahead blindly, please read this page carefully to see what is involved in the type of publishing we offer. If you are still interested when you get to the end, then follow the instructions you’ll find there.

White & MacLean Publishing shares the traditional publishing values but we have little in common with the major publishers in terms of approach and business model. We are a collaborative, cooperative network of professionals, who bring specific skills to the projects we undertake. There are two options to choose from: partnership publishing and book packaging.


Partnership publishing

With this option, the partnership is made up of you, the author, and us, the publisher. And the bottom line is that you will receive 50% of the net profit on each sale.

As the author, you are responsible for creating a manuscript of professional quality, one that is properly edited - at the minimum self-edited to a professional standard, free of typos, correct spelling and grammar use, and with a consistency of spelling and style. Don’t rely on your computer’s spell and grammar checks; they are there to help you, not replace you! In other words, you are committing yourself to providing a publication-ready manuscript prior to submission. If you are not yet at this stage, that is not an obstacle; we can start discussions and make preliminary decisions, but we do not ‘commission’, and the project does not get a go-ahead, unless the manuscript is as described above. This is absolutely critical; we can only accept manuscripts that are publication-ready, if for no other reason than it’s the author’s responsibility to do that and not ours. (If you don’t want to edit it yourself and don’t know a professional editor, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with someone we trust.)

As the publisher, our responsibility is to do the technical work and prepare your manuscript for publication. Assuming we are interested in your work, we would do an in-house copy-edit with tracked changes so that you can see what we suggest. When you have approved the changes, the book text will be formatted. We would also have our graphics designer prepare three covers to choose from. At the same time we will establish the promotional and marketing plan and get that in place. The book will then be printed and/or uploaded and we will handle distribution and sales.

Our business model is project-based and we use our website and various social-networking sites for the main thrust of our marketing. We also market to online retailers, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
As far as financing your project goes: you are investing in writing your book; we are investing in the cost of producing a cover, doing a final proofread, formatting the book and, if a paperback version is being produced, paying for set-up costs at the printer. After that, we will split the net profit 50/50 on every sale.
 If it has been decided to go for printed as well as electronic versions, we will recommend a print-on-demand printer. After paying the printer a set-up fee, which means that your book remains on their computer, the printer can produce as many copies as you require, be it 5, 50 or 5,000. This means that we as a publisher don’t have spare copies languishing on shelves and you as the author don’t have them stashed in every nook and cranny in your house!

This partnership model requires you and us being very proactive in the preparation and promotion of the book and you, the author, are expected to be just as committed and active in this regard as we are. We will guide and assist the promotion of your book (and even provide the web space and tools) but you need to be ready to play your part and become fully engaged in the ‘hands-on’ activity of promoting and marketing, and that means engaging with social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, MySpace, etc.), running a blog, enriching the reader’s experience by interacting with them via cyberspace, and doing whatever is necessary to promote yourself and your book.

If you are ready to grasp the opportunity with both hands, then read on, but if you feel that all the author has to do is turn in a manuscript and the rest is up to the publishers, then stop right now!

Still interested?
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Book packaging

With this option, we take your project through to publication by you purchasing the services you require from us. If you want to publish under our imprint, we will have a certain amount of control over certain editorial criteria in terms of editorial quality control. We will not, however, control the content.

We can get your manuscript to the point where you can either self-publish or have it published under our imprint. Either way, you are in charge of marketing and selling your title but you get to keep all the income!

Here [link] is a list of the options you can make use of with our book packaging option. We offer to edit, copy-edit, proofread and lay out your manuscript prior to printing and/or conversion to eBook format. You can also choose for our graphic designer to prepare three covers for you to choose from.

Whichever option you choose to follow, you will retain copyright on the finished book file.

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Dating the Bois d'Hougoumont - eBook
By Alasdair White
The Bois d’Hougoumont seldom gets a mention in the history books. Many authors have assumed that the wood was cut down well before the battle, but Alasdair White’s recent research into the age of some of the trees in the wood show that they pre-date the Battle of Waterloo

Price: 2.49

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Of Hedges, Myths and Memories - eBook
By Alasdair White
This is probably the most detailed historical appraisal of Hougoumont currently available. Making use of unpublished documentary records and detailed analysis of contemporary maps, White pieces together what the farm would have looked like and provides answers to the great historical question of how just 1,200 allied soldiers held off more than 6,000 French troops at the Battle of Waterloo.

Price: 6.49

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From proposal to thesis - Revised edition
By Denis Feather

About to write your dissertation? Did you start the work and then get stuck? Don't worry, help is at hand - and there’s a revised edition!

Price: 13.95

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